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Names for Monday in different languages and cultures (selection)*
Language Pronunciation Meaning
Latin dies lunae Day of the moon
Albanian E Hene Day of the moon
Italian lunedì Day of the moon
Galician luns Day of the moon
Gaeilge Dé Luain Day of the moon
Catalan dilluns Day of the moon
Spanish lunes Day of the moon
French lundi Day of the moon
Norwegian Mandag Moon Day
Romanian luni Day of the moon
Akan Edwada day of the moon
German Montag Moon day
Dutch Maandag Moon day
English Monday Moon day
Hungarian hétfő head of seven (=week)
Russian Понедельник
after a holiday
Polish Poniedziałek after Sunday
Kashubian Pòniedzôłk after Sunday
Khmer tngae chan moon day
Croatian Ponedjeljak after Sunday
Bulgarian Понеделник
after Sunday
Ukrainian Понеділок
after Sunday
Czech pondělí after Sunday
Serbian Понедељак
after Sunday
Slovak Pondelok after Sunday
Slovenian Ponedeljek after Sunday
Kiswahili Jumatatu the third day
Bosnian Ponedjeljak after Sunday
Macedonian Понеделник
after Sunday
Turkish Pazartesi after Sunday
Kurdish dúschem first day
Greek Δευτέρα
the second (day)
Arabic الاثنين
the second(day)
Persian دوشنبه
the second day
Hebrew יום שני
yom scheni
the second day
Portuguese segunda-feira second (liturgical) celebration
Chinese libaiyi
first day of the week
Estonian esmaspäev first day of the week
Japanese getsuyôbi moon day
Korean weolyoil moon day
Hindi som-vaar day of Soma
Malayalam thingka-lazhtcha day of the moon
Lithuanian Pirmadienis
First Day
Albanian E hënë First Day